Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday night at the races

I showed up early to ensure I got a spot in the field, did a lot of warm up laps, opened it up for a couple, tested the old engine, all systems were a go. We line up and start - Jack Rabbit Flash SPRINTS through turn one and down through turn two. I'm cracking up inside, that guy is wonderful. The field realed him in, and the pace was set. I went to the front and stayed there most the race. The course was fantastic. I love the clockwise rotation. I felt like I could do anything I want ed in the race; inside line on downhill sweeper, sprit out, take out side line up hill and left,... it didn't matter. There were a ton of Natures Path and CarryTown riders so, I coached Jack to mark the fastest guy. He did GREAT. Every time a break started, Jack or I would run it down. A couple times I wanted to feel some fresh air so, I went up front and worked the field over some. Quite frankly, I felt like a man racing with boys. Every line I tried worked. Any time I wanted to accelerate and mess with the big teams, it worked. Only mistakes I made; not watching the lap board, with three to go, I went up front and stretched the feild out, then with one to go I was mid pack and needed to get outside, I finished midpack in a race I felt I coulda been top 5. But, I aint grumbling. My confidence is back, I felt like I could move anywhere I wanted, and my bike handling skills felt top notch. Bottom line, we get me, Jack, Jose, Steve, Dewey, Jeff, and the rest of the F'Burg cat 4 &5s down there and we could rock that place.

Next Tuesday, Jack and I are going to counter attack after the second preme as we come out of turn two. Come down and join us.

Friday, May 15, 2009

WOW what a week

With all the emotional shit going on in my life, the bicycle is a welcomed form of therapy. That said, Bill is one mean psycologist.

Tuesday - I rode on base, it seems like no matter what direction I ride, there is always a head wind. So, 15 minutes warm up - check, 10 minutes Tempo (ahhhh) - check, 5 minutes rest - not so much, 10 minutes Tempo (feeling GREAT) - check, 5 minutes rest - definately. Now comes the fun part; 4X8 LT, I want to raise my LT topend so, I figure, go all out. Whew, Hurt Locker - check. 15 minute cool down, sauna, finish the work day with a satisfied grin.

Wednesday - The evil dr. puts me on back to back LT workouts. I'm not sick but, I'm not well. I figure, go harder than yesterday, I'll be better for it. 2X10 Tempo, easy. 2X10 TT, I go all out (to the point of verping). Did I mention the headwinds!!!

Thursday - gotta be easier than the last two days. 3X3 hill sprints! are frigging crazy! I head to the park, roll up and over, go about a quarter mile, turn around, and sprint, thre3e quarters up, I puke on my garmin,m handlebars and front wheel, finish, turn around and repeat,.... WTF BILL?

I got 7 of 9 done, didn't fully puke again. Then rode home, oh yea, gotta get home, I live at Whiute Oak, gotta climb. looks like an opportunity to not wuss out and sprint the hills on the w

Sunday, May 10, 2009

the Renegades have highJACKed the Massaponax ride

Great ride Saturday with Jack and Jose. We missed Gussie, he's gotta pay his dues to da man tho.

Started out nice and mellow. I knew it was gonna be tough tho, Jose was sporting bear legs. Jack had to get to work so, we did the short loop. Jose was good with this as long as we JACKed it up a bit. We did the last 25 miles with a 23 mph avg. Heart rate was high, I did fall back on one hill acceleration, gotta work on sprints. I think the TT legs are coming along. Smooth power pulls are becoming easy. Its the damn acceleration. I guess I'm gonna do hill intervals this week at Dahlgren.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wednesdays workout

Fort Lee beat me down a bit so, a couple days off were in order.Thursday I decided to hurt myself so I set out to do 3X20 LTs with 10 min tempos on both sides. I got the first two done, as I faded, I decided I had made my goal, to hurt myself. Last interval turned into a hi tempo - lo LT for 10 minutes. Finished that, rode 5 miles home on the way home, Shelly drove by me, stopped, and told me the Dr had just admitted her for internal bleeding. We're hoping for surgery next week.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fort Lee fotos

Well, a recovery week is done and, so was I.

Crit racing is not for big fellas. I WILL overcome this acceleration issue. Problem is; corner one is coming, brake, roll through accelerate like crazy, power through turn two, sprint like hell, turn three is coming up, Bunch up, brake, sprint, brake, bounce through turn four, sprnt like hell, repeat 20 times.

My max HR is 169. This is what I've been training to, yesterday I hit 172. for the first 6 laps, my avg was around 163. I blew up, tappered down to 155 and got my TT on. Bring on the compresion tights and a fresh month of work outs. My goal is to do a sub hour 40 K TT so, I will not get down on myself. To get back into racing, I gotta get back into racing.

To race with friends in Orange and in Blue was great. I'm a bit scared of Jack though. I'm trying to convince him to stay a Cat 5 and go for the BAR. I actually have a hidden agenda, if he cats up, I gotta keep up.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, where was BWR?

Easy day in the windy park. Where were the BWR fellas?