Friday, May 15, 2009

WOW what a week

With all the emotional shit going on in my life, the bicycle is a welcomed form of therapy. That said, Bill is one mean psycologist.

Tuesday - I rode on base, it seems like no matter what direction I ride, there is always a head wind. So, 15 minutes warm up - check, 10 minutes Tempo (ahhhh) - check, 5 minutes rest - not so much, 10 minutes Tempo (feeling GREAT) - check, 5 minutes rest - definately. Now comes the fun part; 4X8 LT, I want to raise my LT topend so, I figure, go all out. Whew, Hurt Locker - check. 15 minute cool down, sauna, finish the work day with a satisfied grin.

Wednesday - The evil dr. puts me on back to back LT workouts. I'm not sick but, I'm not well. I figure, go harder than yesterday, I'll be better for it. 2X10 Tempo, easy. 2X10 TT, I go all out (to the point of verping). Did I mention the headwinds!!!

Thursday - gotta be easier than the last two days. 3X3 hill sprints! are frigging crazy! I head to the park, roll up and over, go about a quarter mile, turn around, and sprint, thre3e quarters up, I puke on my garmin,m handlebars and front wheel, finish, turn around and repeat,.... WTF BILL?

I got 7 of 9 done, didn't fully puke again. Then rode home, oh yea, gotta get home, I live at Whiute Oak, gotta climb. looks like an opportunity to not wuss out and sprint the hills on the w


  1. The sprints are only 10-12 sec long. Usually you will empty the PC system by about the 5th rep, so make sure you get a full 3 minutes between each rep and 5 between sets. Puke, by the way, is very aero!

  2. 10 -12 sec!!!! I was going all out, for 60 -120

  3. damn man, you musta had the workout of a lifetime if you did them for that long . . . . !

    see ya tomorrow!