Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, where was BWR?

Easy day in the windy park. Where were the BWR fellas?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday afternoon LT intervals

Tuesday was LT intervals for me. I took a mental health day from work. Headed out, Flatted! stopped at the shop, picked up provisions, I'm off. Climb into the park at start of tempo work, feeling good today. Five minutes rest gets me to the back half, start to crank it up - FLAT. Damn, I take the front wheel off, check inside and out, no burrs, pricks, nothing. So, I fix the flat, do a short tempo, and hit the LTs. Here's my stats:

Speed - just under the speed of sound as I could barley hear myself whimpering
Power - .125 - .129 hourse power
Heart Rate - high in my LT zone 1st interval I had spitters and snot hanging from my chin about 2.5 inches

Sets two - three about the same
Set Fout - I hit my cresendo (a nasty VURP that lead to a chunky spit) Yea baby!!!!!!

Untill I get my Garmin back from warranty repairs, I'm going by feel. And, that workout felt GOOD. Good enough to break out the granny compresions tights.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday with the Renegades

Wow, great ride. 62 miles total, some great hills, fast pulls, and Jose was on FIRE!.

Friday's unsceduled Tempo

It was too damn nice for a recovery day. Shelly wanted to lay down for an hour so, I was dressed and gone. Limited time meant no dilly-dalling. I got a good ride from home to park and back in 1:10. Thats 21 miles. Not bad for an unscheduled, post bridge interval, fat, old guy.

I'm feeling good today, riding 15 miles to the Massaponax ride, doing 45, then riding 15 miles home.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday = Bridge intervals.

OK, these were my first bridge intervals. I rode to the park. Mechanical on the way slowed me down (thanks Dre). When I hit the park I go into a tem minute Tempo. Then, a five minute rest. I have no computer due to Garmin being shipped for repair. I figure, count to 87, then check the time and do a two minute rest. amazingly, it worked within a couple seconds. Set one, 3 reps done. I feel fantastic! Five minute rest, and repeat. Second set goes just as well. The third rep was heading up the false flat on the front side, it hurt, i pushed through it. Whew, five minute recovery. I felt really well so I went to the back side and did a twelve minute high tempo. that was good. I thought about hammering up the hill but, though better of it. Maybe I will add a ride in tomorrow. The ride home felt great! I rolled into the garage, layed the bike in the stand, What a ride.

couple of thoughts. The recovery week was good. The rides in VB were over the top, The new Ultegra works better (for me), I also made a couple adjustments. 1) yesterday, I dropped the stem 10cm. It was too much so, I raised it 5. I also raised the saddle 2 cm. This combo feels really good.

Quadzilla update

Back in the program. The program is good.

Where were the BWR fellas on Wednesday? I looked out from my garage, light mist, cool, I'm riding. "F" the stationary trainer. I slide on my knee warmers, leg warmers, then knickers. A wind sheer tank, short sleeve jersey and my micro shell. Five minutes out, the wind picked up and the skies opened. I was already warm so I forged on. Rides like this make me feel tough (even if i'm not). I got my hour and a half outside on Wednesday. Felt good (and cold).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in f'Burg, Back on the PROGRAM

Tuesday workout; 15 min warm up, 10 min high tempo, 3X10 LT, 10 min tempo, 10 min cool down. It may not be Pungo but, it'll have to do ................................................. Black Beans and rice nachos and a ice cold Harpoon IPA.

The new (to me) bike is getting an Ultegra upgrade. The Old Specialized is getting 10 sp Veloce (Campy) and heading to EBay. anybody want a great crit bike for $700?