Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday afternoon LT intervals

Tuesday was LT intervals for me. I took a mental health day from work. Headed out, Flatted! stopped at the shop, picked up provisions, I'm off. Climb into the park at start of tempo work, feeling good today. Five minutes rest gets me to the back half, start to crank it up - FLAT. Damn, I take the front wheel off, check inside and out, no burrs, pricks, nothing. So, I fix the flat, do a short tempo, and hit the LTs. Here's my stats:

Speed - just under the speed of sound as I could barley hear myself whimpering
Power - .125 - .129 hourse power
Heart Rate - high in my LT zone 1st interval I had spitters and snot hanging from my chin about 2.5 inches

Sets two - three about the same
Set Fout - I hit my cresendo (a nasty VURP that lead to a chunky spit) Yea baby!!!!!!

Untill I get my Garmin back from warranty repairs, I'm going by feel. And, that workout felt GOOD. Good enough to break out the granny compresions tights.

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