Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday's unsceduled Tempo

It was too damn nice for a recovery day. Shelly wanted to lay down for an hour so, I was dressed and gone. Limited time meant no dilly-dalling. I got a good ride from home to park and back in 1:10. Thats 21 miles. Not bad for an unscheduled, post bridge interval, fat, old guy.

I'm feeling good today, riding 15 miles to the Massaponax ride, doing 45, then riding 15 miles home.

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  1. Don't forget those total recovery days. Muscles won't rebuild under load, so every time you miss a day off, it slows progress. On the other hand, It was a darn nice day. I am adding another recovery day to the begining of the week because I went out and road as well. And apparently started on the bike tan.