Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday = Bridge intervals.

OK, these were my first bridge intervals. I rode to the park. Mechanical on the way slowed me down (thanks Dre). When I hit the park I go into a tem minute Tempo. Then, a five minute rest. I have no computer due to Garmin being shipped for repair. I figure, count to 87, then check the time and do a two minute rest. amazingly, it worked within a couple seconds. Set one, 3 reps done. I feel fantastic! Five minute rest, and repeat. Second set goes just as well. The third rep was heading up the false flat on the front side, it hurt, i pushed through it. Whew, five minute recovery. I felt really well so I went to the back side and did a twelve minute high tempo. that was good. I thought about hammering up the hill but, though better of it. Maybe I will add a ride in tomorrow. The ride home felt great! I rolled into the garage, layed the bike in the stand, What a ride.

couple of thoughts. The recovery week was good. The rides in VB were over the top, The new Ultegra works better (for me), I also made a couple adjustments. 1) yesterday, I dropped the stem 10cm. It was too much so, I raised it 5. I also raised the saddle 2 cm. This combo feels really good.


  1. Ben call me tomorrow 540 720 4266 so we can seal the deal with the eqiupment . . . . .

  2. You were supposed to say that you were puking! Just because I do every time.