Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr. Bill

Check out the downloads. I added an extra PE3 and 2 minutes to my LTs. Feeling very good today. Want to work a specific work-up plan for Sleepy Hole Smackdown/DDTT weekend in VB. I'd really like to hit the Cat 4 race strong. It will be my first time racing with the AAB fellers.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 min Tempo 2 X 12 LT

OK, the butt cramp is better. So, I hit it hard tonight. I noticed on the first LT, about three minutes in, my heart rate dropped four beats. Sorry, no power meter. So, I bumped up the RPMS about 5. Heart rate gradually climbed. Second LT I hit harder. Keep my heart rate two or three beats under VO2 Max. the last five minutes, I added a couple RPM, heart rate slightly responded.

Take away - A couple RPM did not jack heart rate. Where as, A couple RPM could be the difference between staying in the front third and dropping to the back. If I drop to the back, I gotta be ready for yoyo. Just say no to yoyo!

Great work out!!! Gonna go easy tomorrow. Saturday, weather permitting, hit it with the 'Gades.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tremendous pain in the butt

That's right, I have a tremendous pain in the right glute! It feels like a huge charlie horse, it loosens up if I walk and move around but, as soon as i sit, it spazes out. Rest today, add low E time before Tempo, 2x12 LTs. I'll keep posting.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its Tuesday, must be PE3s, woohoo

I was feeling great today. Over the weekend, I fixed the old S Works to crit on so, I threw it in the stationary trainer and got going. The 40 - 50 RPMs are starting to hurt the front right side of both knees (mainly the right one). The rest of the sets were great. Earlier, Jeff had warned me about coming from the 110 back to 85. I hadn't felt it till today. I cooked through the 110 sections at high LT, then 3 minutes back at 85 was brutal. I wanted 3 minutes rest!!! I hung in there though. As a matter of fact, I did an extra set. I did however abbreviate the cooldown. Tomorrow is Endurance and form spints, Thursday is 2X12 LTs. It looks like a nice day Thursday, I think I'll take my bike to work and ride a lunch. Dahlgen is pancake flat and the perimeter is about 8.5 miles. I ought to be able to get a couple of twelve minute sections in.

Dumb Luck

So, while in VB, I head out to AAB to visit my bud Don and, pick up my new Aero helmet (i'm buyin' into the buy speed approach). I'm hanging out when I ask Don if he has any bull horns. Low and behold, Jim Bowen (Navy retiree turned bike wrench) had decided to clean out his junk box and had a set of Bull Horns, Brakes, Barend shifters, aero bars, stem,... I asked him how much? His reply, I believe in Kahrma. Wow!!! I buy lunch, and head home with a front seat of speed in a box. New aero helmet, TTset-up, two new Lemond water bottles (dieing comodity)and full belly of mongolian chicken.

Look out Dismal Dash, the Tet de Corse will be a speed machine. Only thing missing is an engine to match. I'm working on that though.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Burnin calories

Rested Sunday so, I felt like I HAD to burn some calories today. I hit spin class, went easy except for two really good form sprints and one very hard effort low cadence hill. Feeling good today, a little soreness but, one week before rest week.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Hills Hurt

The Renegade ride rolls through some of South Staffords finest rolling hills. We headed out at 0900, the easy climb up Deacon had me worried. I knew Eskimo Hill climb to the dump would hurt, I decided to granny up it and try to find my legs. It had been a leg dead week. Between the work outs, I've had a lot of soreness. The workouts however, have felt strong. Right turn to Brooke. Dragon Back loomed large. I decided to NOT blow past on the downhill, pull to the base and explode. Intstead, I held Joe's wheel, and hit it hard at the base. 39x17 to start, grind out a bigger gear, sit down, grab an easier gear, heart beating in ears, 165 BPM (169 max), I'm red linin', click click, out of the saddle, there goes Gus, I hammer a bigger gear than normal, holding 50 meters back, not too bad for the big guy. Sit down, easier gear again, spin over the top. Damn, that's a steep pitch. over the rollers, hit the last incline, falling back, I begin to despise skinny climbers. Suck it up, roll by thier coffee break (as they waited for me). This ride is gonna hurt. gus recommends skipping the marina, whew, ok. I make a command decision, Sunday - Monday rest. Hit PE3s and 2x12 LTs fresh and hard.

Diet is getting healthier, down a couple lbs. 215 is goal, 225 is reachable in a month.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too many lbs

Having a wonderful 1hr VO2 max/LT time trial last Saturday, I decided to up my caloric burn this week. Monday I moved four bushes and trees. Lots of digging, little recovery. Tuesday I figure I need a mid day metabolic jolt. I was going to do core work and some light lifting. Instead, I got lured into a "friendly" game of B'ball. Turned into an hour and a half of leg cramoing, hacking, bickering bliss. I get home, feeling cripled but, still disgusted with P:W ratio. I hit the PE3s with a flair. I actually felt good! held the 110 RPMs very well. I've got three races registered. The Richmond crash fest, Sleepy Hole Smackdown (AAB) and DDTT. Let me know what the BWR are entering. I'd love to TT while you guys are racing.