Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dumb Luck

So, while in VB, I head out to AAB to visit my bud Don and, pick up my new Aero helmet (i'm buyin' into the buy speed approach). I'm hanging out when I ask Don if he has any bull horns. Low and behold, Jim Bowen (Navy retiree turned bike wrench) had decided to clean out his junk box and had a set of Bull Horns, Brakes, Barend shifters, aero bars, stem,... I asked him how much? His reply, I believe in Kahrma. Wow!!! I buy lunch, and head home with a front seat of speed in a box. New aero helmet, TTset-up, two new Lemond water bottles (dieing comodity)and full belly of mongolian chicken.

Look out Dismal Dash, the Tet de Corse will be a speed machine. Only thing missing is an engine to match. I'm working on that though.

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