Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr. Bill

Check out the downloads. I added an extra PE3 and 2 minutes to my LTs. Feeling very good today. Want to work a specific work-up plan for Sleepy Hole Smackdown/DDTT weekend in VB. I'd really like to hit the Cat 4 race strong. It will be my first time racing with the AAB fellers.

1 comment:

  1. Let's really be careful with adding more than 15% per month. When at LT, patience is the key to a stronger June.

    For the sleepy Hole, I know you want to come out swinging. Remember that you(all of us) don't have any real VO2 max work in and the race is going to be chock full of it. Whatever the outcome, have realistic expectations. A good "2nd race in the leg" thing to focus on is position near the front. Look for the free-rides up the side on the backs of others and watch those corners. Remember, you'll really only been on a formalized program for two months. You will really be tearing things up after another few plans! Overall, Pleased with your motivation and willingness!