Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too many lbs

Having a wonderful 1hr VO2 max/LT time trial last Saturday, I decided to up my caloric burn this week. Monday I moved four bushes and trees. Lots of digging, little recovery. Tuesday I figure I need a mid day metabolic jolt. I was going to do core work and some light lifting. Instead, I got lured into a "friendly" game of B'ball. Turned into an hour and a half of leg cramoing, hacking, bickering bliss. I get home, feeling cripled but, still disgusted with P:W ratio. I hit the PE3s with a flair. I actually felt good! held the 110 RPMs very well. I've got three races registered. The Richmond crash fest, Sleepy Hole Smackdown (AAB) and DDTT. Let me know what the BWR are entering. I'd love to TT while you guys are racing.

1 comment:

  1. TTing is the bomb!Man vs. self. It doesn't get harder than that.