Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its Tuesday, must be PE3s, woohoo

I was feeling great today. Over the weekend, I fixed the old S Works to crit on so, I threw it in the stationary trainer and got going. The 40 - 50 RPMs are starting to hurt the front right side of both knees (mainly the right one). The rest of the sets were great. Earlier, Jeff had warned me about coming from the 110 back to 85. I hadn't felt it till today. I cooked through the 110 sections at high LT, then 3 minutes back at 85 was brutal. I wanted 3 minutes rest!!! I hung in there though. As a matter of fact, I did an extra set. I did however abbreviate the cooldown. Tomorrow is Endurance and form spints, Thursday is 2X12 LTs. It looks like a nice day Thursday, I think I'll take my bike to work and ride a lunch. Dahlgen is pancake flat and the perimeter is about 8.5 miles. I ought to be able to get a couple of twelve minute sections in.

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