Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Hills Hurt

The Renegade ride rolls through some of South Staffords finest rolling hills. We headed out at 0900, the easy climb up Deacon had me worried. I knew Eskimo Hill climb to the dump would hurt, I decided to granny up it and try to find my legs. It had been a leg dead week. Between the work outs, I've had a lot of soreness. The workouts however, have felt strong. Right turn to Brooke. Dragon Back loomed large. I decided to NOT blow past on the downhill, pull to the base and explode. Intstead, I held Joe's wheel, and hit it hard at the base. 39x17 to start, grind out a bigger gear, sit down, grab an easier gear, heart beating in ears, 165 BPM (169 max), I'm red linin', click click, out of the saddle, there goes Gus, I hammer a bigger gear than normal, holding 50 meters back, not too bad for the big guy. Sit down, easier gear again, spin over the top. Damn, that's a steep pitch. over the rollers, hit the last incline, falling back, I begin to despise skinny climbers. Suck it up, roll by thier coffee break (as they waited for me). This ride is gonna hurt. gus recommends skipping the marina, whew, ok. I make a command decision, Sunday - Monday rest. Hit PE3s and 2x12 LTs fresh and hard.

Diet is getting healthier, down a couple lbs. 215 is goal, 225 is reachable in a month.

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