Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday night at the races

I showed up early to ensure I got a spot in the field, did a lot of warm up laps, opened it up for a couple, tested the old engine, all systems were a go. We line up and start - Jack Rabbit Flash SPRINTS through turn one and down through turn two. I'm cracking up inside, that guy is wonderful. The field realed him in, and the pace was set. I went to the front and stayed there most the race. The course was fantastic. I love the clockwise rotation. I felt like I could do anything I want ed in the race; inside line on downhill sweeper, sprit out, take out side line up hill and left,... it didn't matter. There were a ton of Natures Path and CarryTown riders so, I coached Jack to mark the fastest guy. He did GREAT. Every time a break started, Jack or I would run it down. A couple times I wanted to feel some fresh air so, I went up front and worked the field over some. Quite frankly, I felt like a man racing with boys. Every line I tried worked. Any time I wanted to accelerate and mess with the big teams, it worked. Only mistakes I made; not watching the lap board, with three to go, I went up front and stretched the feild out, then with one to go I was mid pack and needed to get outside, I finished midpack in a race I felt I coulda been top 5. But, I aint grumbling. My confidence is back, I felt like I could move anywhere I wanted, and my bike handling skills felt top notch. Bottom line, we get me, Jack, Jose, Steve, Dewey, Jeff, and the rest of the F'Burg cat 4 &5s down there and we could rock that place.

Next Tuesday, Jack and I are going to counter attack after the second preme as we come out of turn two. Come down and join us.

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  1. I'll be there-not that that's much help except for the yelling. Ken said he was coming.

    Try a full jump and don't look back. The guy with the beard in the dark kit was the top rider out there, don't worry about the Nature.