Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, a recovery week is done and, so was I.

Crit racing is not for big fellas. I WILL overcome this acceleration issue. Problem is; corner one is coming, brake, roll through accelerate like crazy, power through turn two, sprint like hell, turn three is coming up, Bunch up, brake, sprint, brake, bounce through turn four, sprnt like hell, repeat 20 times.

My max HR is 169. This is what I've been training to, yesterday I hit 172. for the first 6 laps, my avg was around 163. I blew up, tappered down to 155 and got my TT on. Bring on the compresion tights and a fresh month of work outs. My goal is to do a sub hour 40 K TT so, I will not get down on myself. To get back into racing, I gotta get back into racing.

To race with friends in Orange and in Blue was great. I'm a bit scared of Jack though. I'm trying to convince him to stay a Cat 5 and go for the BAR. I actually have a hidden agenda, if he cats up, I gotta keep up.


  1. Big Guy, keep on keeping on, man don't sweat the fort lee. Last year I got drop with two to go. I love how you still have your sub 1hr goal right up front. In the game of our life racing, or racing our life. (The big picture is what counts) and it sounds like you are keeping it real, good job!!!

  2. Considering I was driving the pace for those first 6 laps, I guess I owe you an apology, my man. Next time you just yell if you go above 160 and I'll slow it down for ya! :-)

  3. I immediately saw the position you got into in the first few laps and though, "Poor guy." The massive decel was wild for that group. I think that in the top five, your momentum would barely have been feathered off and reaccel much easier. I've taken that info from the race and almost finished another round of training, with a focus on maintaining high LT, but something that matches accel/decel of the crits.

    Also, I got some really great looks at your position on the bike. Is your seat higher by chance? It looks to be a touch high, which takes some of those big quads out of the stroke. Just prodding.

    I'm really working on your regimen and will get you something asap, but I want it right!

  4. WOW!!! yes I raise it a couple weeks back. I thought I was getting more power out of it. DAMN!!!!!! Back it down a bit.