Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4X10 LTs felt good (at first)

OK, I realize I'm a month behind the BWR boys and, the 2X20s are even more brutal. That said, the 4X10s were no cake walk.

I programed the Garmin workout and once again, left the 5 minute recovery out between the Tempo and 1st LT. So, I kinda did a 20 minute high Tempo to high LT to start. I was maintaining a cadence around 80-82, HR at 150-152. I decided to try and mix things up so, set #2 I went for a bigger gear, higher cadence, similar HR. I maintained 85-87, at 149-152. Felt good but, the cadence was hard to hold in the waining minute. Set #3 - back to 80 RPM, felt hard, leg dead and tired. Rest 5 minutes, sweet ! Set #4, I'm hurting, is this really worth it? Five minutes in, 5 to go, holding 83-85 RPM at 150-153 BPM. Then, BANG! HR drops5 beats, legs feel good, I jacked up the cadence, added some resitance, got the HR up to 155 - 157 for next 3 minutes, then faded slightly. All in all, very good workout. I liked varying the cadence. Legs hirt like crazy. This is how I shoulda felt after DDTT. I might go do the Canal TT just for the halibut.

BTW, Sunday was great. BWR has a great organization. It is nice that you guys ride with us. If you want, we could start helping with your team tactics. Renegades go out for a minute or two, BWR chases, Renegades could attack with flyers, BWR real us in,...

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