Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday with Hammer Jack Rabbit Flash

Clubber called it!


Me and Jack hit the hills. I was on the renegade rocket. Stayed in the TT position for at least 80% of this ride. Dismal Dash TT is next Sunday, I'm feeling very good in the TT position. I hope that translates to a good time in Chesepeake. ( Here's the link to Va Cycling races (

Bill, the sched you sent has the DDTT two weeks off. Should I just do the workouts in week two (preceeding the TT)? With this weather, it feels so frigging good to get out and ride.

Jack, you are getting strong! concentrate on pedalling in circles when you're going hard. You might think it costs you speed at first but, it will pay huge dividends.

For the rest of you renegades, we'll see you out there next week. Maybe.

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  1. Yes, Do it that way. Sorry about the date. The good thing this week going into the DDTT is LT early in the week and TT tempo later, so you you arrive fresh on Sunday. It's really your 1st rendezvous and let's hope for nice weather. It's 50/50 on nice every year!