Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dismal performance Dash


I've got my work ahead of me. check out the charts. At least I had a relatively constant effort. Just not hard enough. My LT is 140 to 160, my avg was 149, I think I need to hit 153 - 157 during a TT. Another tactical error; I had Beats Per Minute and Cadance called up on my bike computer. As I rode, I kept watch on my heart rate and eased off when it hit 152ish. I think, in hind sight, that I should call up speed in place of cadance. Then, shoot for speed vice Heart Rate. As long as HR doesn't start red-lining.

For those who missed this event. It was well organized. The best in Virginia one might say. I am partial due to the sponsor team being AAB. The weather on the other hand was tough. Raining in showers at times (most my first leg) and 43 degrees. Up side; wind was low.

Lesson Learned:

Warm up - great plan, get to LT a couple times, stay at high endurance for a while. I should have timed it to end closer to my start time. I ended up being about 20 minutes early.

Mental plan - I made a plan and stuck to it. To a fault. I felt better than planned, I should have adapted plan on the fly and increased HR zone by three to five beats.

TT is like unrolling a large roll of carpet. It kept me in the right frame. I did have extra juice at the end and began using it 4-5 miles out.

Season is young. Remind myself I am coming back from an eight year hiatus. I will not be in top form for another few months. Stick to the plan. The evil mind of Coach Bill will get me where I need to be.

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  1. I like the evil part! On a cold wet day like that day, you are going to get a massive low-ball in the HR and power. Most guys I've talked to said 14-40 watt drop and 8-11 beats low. Does that mean there is something still in the suitcase? Possibly, or possibly not.In the cold, blood volume=sluggish! I think the biggest lesson is really getting a feeling of the duration and tailored effort of what a 40(+)k TT is like.

    You'll really get those desired numbers after even more time in that "slammed" down position. This was a great effort for you!