Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ride in the park to talk about 4X10s

MAN! This workout routine is tough. So, yesterday was 10 minute tempo then 4 sets of 10 minutes at lt. Once again, I forgot to add a five minute rest between Tempo and first LT so, I went with it. Sets two and three were very rough. I thought if I tried to alternate cadence I could "trick" my legs into liking it. Ha! next - fourth set. Maybe I will stop and rest. Skip fourth rep. No way, gotta stick it out. Five minute in, all of a sudden POW! I felt great! Went harder, with less effort, counter-intuitive. Oh well, I went with it. Then today, i'm hitting the park for a little more than easy.

I'm looking like a dream sickle in my orange and white on my new hot orange steel Lemond. Feeling good, looking better (if I do say so myself). The BWR fellas are out in FORCE! I stop and chat at top of hill. Coach Willie seez, I super compensated. WOW, I didn't know I had anything super in me. Don't do it in training to often. But, I SUPER-COMPENSATED. Isn't that how to make corn liqour? hmmmm.

Legs are feeling good, tomorrow is 6X6 LT, then, I slide into a mellow recovery week. I plan on following the recovery plan.

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