Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday cruzin

Wow, what a wonderful ride. Great to ride the fast paceline, wish we did it more often. My Garmin kept powering down. so, I do not have great data on the whole ride. I do know that yesterday I attacked the park hills and got HR into VO2Max twice. Today Greg had a helluva pull returning to the Burg. I was high end LT just holding on. Great sprint into town.

Sorry I will miss the mayhem in the park. Gotta go get a new laptop and then hit Capial Ale for my weekly $1.50 cheese burger. Oh and a couple 20 oz dogfish head ipa. Those thing will HURT me. I love Monday at Capital Ale, buck fidy meal and I leave with a $50 bill, how does that happen?


  1. Thanks for fixing the cable, Ben, I owe you a coffee or two after next weeks hammerfest.