Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lemond Tet de contre la montre

That's right Baby, the Tet has gone aero. The bull horns, bar end shifters, aero bars, HED wheels (not on trainer of course) are all set. So an hour forty-five minutes later, I can say, it is comfy. Time will tell if it is fast. Could be a problem with coupling a diesel engine to a Ferrari chassis.

So, I got my endurance in the TT position. I think a couple cm bump forward on the saddle position is due.

1 comment:

  1. That pic is funny! If you want a position scrutinizing eye, let's get together. We just revamped Dewey's position-big watt difference!

    Are your LTs going well? Next month we will really push the LT time and the next, we will be going into the pit of despair-FUNFUNFUN!

    Keep me posted on the recovery as well!